Tapered Polyiso Roof Insulation

Draining water quickly and efficiently can reduce the adverse effects that standing water can have on roofs. Atlas designed the Gemini™ family of products to reduce or eliminate the amount of standing water when the roof deck does not provide adequate slope or drainage. Gemini products are also engineered to reduce labor and time spent fabricating in the field, from pre-cut crickets to pre-cut drain sumps and more.

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  • Gemini™ CKT Pre-Cut Cricket was the first pre-cut cricket introduced to the roofing industry. Crickets are important to minimize moisture leaking into joints. Atlas designed Gemini CKT to reduce labor caused by field fabricating crickets. learn more.
  • Gemini™ DST Drain Set was the industry’s first one-piece pre-cut drain sump. The Gemini Drain Set is the only 4’ x 4’ drain sump that requires no assembly by the contractor. Like its sister product the Gemini Pre-Cut Cricket, the Gemini Drain Set reduces labor time in the field. The dimensionally stable Gemini Drain Set provides a 4-way slope to the roof drain. learn more.
  • Gemini™ MTR Pre-Cut Miter was designed to solve the problem of field fabricating tapered insulation Hips and Valleys, reducing jobsite waste and installation time. The Gemini Miter is the industry’s first one-piece 4’ x 4’ tapered insulation mitered corner. It is manufactured in a variety of slopes and thicknesses and is compatible with standard tapered panels. learn more.
  • Gemini™ TES Tapered Edge Strip achieves timely water evacuation, extending the life of the roof membrane. Each strip is made with a closed cell polyiso foam core integrally laminated to reinforced, dimensionally stable facers and available in a standard thickness to help you achieve positive drainage. learn more.
  • Tapered ACFoam®-II features non-asphaltic, fiber-reinforced organic felt facers. These organic facers are integrally bonded to a closed-cell polyiso foam core available in a variety of thicknesses. learn more.
  • Tapered ACFoam®-III features inorganic coated glass facers, which have a significantly more efficient use of solvent-based adhesives than organic faced insulations. Typically specified for use in new and re-roofing applications, Tapered ACFoam-III is used in built-up (BUR), modified bitumen, metal, ballasted single-ply, mechanically attached single-ply and adhered single-ply roofing systems. learn more.