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ACFoam Supreme
ACFoam-HD CoverBoard
ACFoam Recover Board
ACFoam Nailbase Sample (OSB)
ACFoam Nailbase Sample (CDX)
ACFoam-III Nailbase Sample - OSB
ACFoam-III Nailbase Sample - CDX
ACFoam Crossvent Sample (OSB)
ACFoam Crossvent Sample (CDX)
ACFoam-III Crossvent Sample - OSB
ACFoam-III Crossvent Sample - CDX
Nailbase Fastener Sample Tube
Heavy Duty Nail Base Fastener Sample Tube
Thread Point Nail Base Fastener Sample Tube
FR10/FR50 slipsheet
Facer Sample Card

At this time, Atlas can only ship samples to the USA, Canada and Mexico.