With a variety of resources ranging from technology overviews to product specs, Atlas ensures you have everything you need for your build. Explore the content available below to learn more about Atlas polyiso roofing insulation and the entire ACFoam suite of products.

General Resources

This is your starting point for literature about our roof products. From brochures to warranty information, you’ll find the fundamentals here. Go to page.

Data Sheets

If you need details about Atlas physical properties and performance, explore our data sheets. We cover thermal data, ASTM types, insulation dimensions and more. Go to page.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety is of the utmost importance. Protect yourself by reviewing our safety data sheets, and you’ll be confident when choosing Atlas. Go to page.

Technical Bulletins

Polyiso Insulation And Flame Retardants (PIMA) and other technical bulletins explain why polyiso is the ideal choice for commercial and residential construction. Go to page.

Did You Know?

Still have questions about Atlas products and polyiso technology? Our DYK literature says it all. Go to page.

Techni-Flo® Installation Instructions

To ensure superior roof system performance, special care should be taken when installing any Atlas roofing product. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with detailed drawings and installation instructions here. Go to page.

Techni-Flo® Product Calculators

Visit this page for tools to help you design your Techni-Flo engineered ventilation system. Go to page.

Techni-Flo® Print Approvals

Once you’ve designed your Techni-Flo engineered ventilation system, find and print the necessary approval forms here. Go to page.