Techni-Flo RV accommodates both standing seam and shingled roof applications, and is engineered to individual job requirements. Featuring a snap on cover for ease of installation, this all-metal ridge vent can withstand heavy snow-loads, and will not compress under stress. It also features slotted fastening holes for proper thermal movement and correct fastener placement.

Techni-Flo RV is just one part of the Techni-Flo® Engineered Ventilation system. When combined with Techni-Flo® EV and ACFoam® CrossVent® and Atlas Nail Base Fasteners, it creates a state-of-the-art ventilation system specifically designed to create consistent air intake and exhaust under the roof covering. Properly designed and engineered ventilation through the roof system is essential for roof system durability in both commercial and residential steeped sloped roofing systems.

Techni-Flo Product Calculators
To help design your Techni-Flo engineered ventilation system, use the following Net Free Area Calculator and Ventilated Roof System Calculator.

  • Engineered and fabricated to individual job requirements
  • Cover is available in .40″, .50″ and .63″ aluminum and 24 ga. steel
  • Accommodates both standing seam and shingled roofs
  • Custom colors available
  • Easy snap-on cover
  • All metal construction withstands heavy snow loads and will not compress under stress
  • Designed to allow shingle attachment
  • Slotted fastening holes for proper thermal movement and correct fastener placement and spacing
  • Manufactured in 12′ lengths – fewer splice joints
  • Passed wind-driven rain test
  • Ridge and eave vents will withstand winds up to 130mph when installed and utilized in accordance with recommended guidelines**
  • Vents will be manufactured free of any defects
  • Finish will not fade or crack. Covers repair or replacement of the ridge and eave for 20 years
  • Vents will continue to provide designed ventilation for the duration of the warranty*

*See the warranty for terms and conditions

Techni-Flo EV is not intended for attachment to open ended metal truss or metal bar joist applications.

*Design enhancements required for 130 mph wind speed coverage include, but are not limited to a minimum .050” aluminum or .063” aluminum cover.